Why is Dracula important to understand our own heart’s greatest desire?

Super proud of this chat on Spiritual Rockstar Podcast where I get to talk about one of my favorite topics . . . Dracula! And baring one’s throat to the dark side. Check out why monsters are so important here. Let’s work together through your beautiful hidden dark side here.

Featured in Redfin on creating sacred space for readings!

Nothing pleases me more than hearing clients gasp over my gorgeous, airy office space. Or seeing eyes widen when folks come into my home. I’m a stickler about intentionally curating sacred space that heals and inspires. ALL of my training, however, has been geared toward giving an evidential reading any time, anywhere, regardless of circumstances….

Introducing . . . Soul Grams: Postcards to Your Soul

I hear and hold lots and lots of people’s secrets everyday. Little packages of glorious human truths. Over time, I’ve had the honor of collecting wisdom from humans and pets, both from those like us who are still in their bodies and from those who’ve left them behind. Wanna hear some yourself? These wisdoms are….

The pandemic is giving rise to a condition way more insidious than the virus: mild clinical depression.

This beastie needs acknowledgement. Depression sneaks up on its prey one little breath at a time. It comes on so slowly that many people have no idea they’re in the midst of it. Particularly now, as we’re adapting to some weird “new normal,” it seems that a lot of folks might be thinking the depression….

Vulnerability in times of extreme polarity . . .

Every now and then, I do a live video with my friend and channel, David Strickel. David psychically taps into his higher self and delivers simple, easy to understand wisdom for living a better life. When we work together, I give him a live psychic read, and also tap into that wisdom. Together, we have….

How to dream the impossible into life . . .

Last year at this time, I had a wild, wild vision of a photo shoot.  It involved an abandoned building, and yours truly suspended over a two story drop.  Ahem. The building was facing destruction.  So I became obsessed with bringing this photo shoot into existence.  Then, with a looming Covid-inspired shutdown, it literally became a….

As seen on the TRAVEL CHANNEL!

Check out TRUE TERROR with Robert Englund, where I’m the featured Paranormal Expert! Episode 5, “Spirits in the Air,” premiers Wednesday, April 15 at 10 PM ET/9PM CT! As always, all of my services are available via video or phone. My work has always been primarily remote. So no, the distance has zero effect on….

Cover Girl!

Excited – and seriously humbled – to be the Cover Story on Spiritual Biz Magazine this month. Great way to start a Monday, while awaiting a hurricane. Check it out here.

Podcast Launch TODAY!

Listen NOW here. Happy Independence Day! There is nothing more freeing than daring yourself to explore something different. Dare yourself to think about the world, the universe, yourself, your body, all in a new way . . . Start by embarking on your own Magical Mystical Journey here! In every episode, we explore a different….

Ever hang out with an angel?

Ever hang out with an Angel?  Felt the presence – or dreamed – of a mystical Being so powerful that your slumbering soul jolted upright?  Have you craved such an experience?  Or do you wonder if these Beings even exist? Join our podcast launch team and find out! Some friends and I started talking smack….

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