Energy Healing Sessions

I offer distance energy healing through Reiki, for both people and pets, and I’m available for local onsite visits to hospitals, hospice or your home if you are in the Charleston area. After the session, I offer intuitive, psychic feedback based on what may arise during the session. This feedback will not be medical in….

Property Clearing

Nothing is worse than feeling out of sorts in your own home or workplace. When you’re starting or growing a business, you need to hit the right note in every aspect of your venture. The ground under your home or office could still be holding vibrations from centuries-old battles. Former residents or tenants could have….

Business & Manifestation

Not everyone creates new results in the same manner. This reading identifies your creation energy, then looks at the energetic flow of your business from the idea phase, to products and service, business systems, partners, to marketing and final sales. Any areas that need focus are identified for you to reach your financial goals. Includes….


Should I stay or should I go? S/he’s driving me crazy! What’s going on? This reading looks at your general relationship blocks and energetic patterns between you and a loved one, or any others raising questions for you (parent, boss, that old boyfriend who keeps showing up). This reading also looks at past lives spent….

Spirit Guides

Ask questions or set an intention about any life area, business, relationships, the future, spirituality. Receive wisdom and guidance from your unique team of guides and angels. This reading is also available in a group format, in person, by telephone, or via video conference. Contact me directly to schedule a group reading.


Connect with your loved ones in spirit, including pets. This reading is also available in group format, in person, by telephone, or via video conference. Contact me directly to schedule a group reading.

Clarity & Deep Healing

If you need clarity or focus, are stuck in a job or a relationship or if you’ve ever wondered why certain choices work for you and others require struggle and effort, request this reading. This reading identifies your specific gifts – literally, the areas where you are designed at soul-level to receive the most energy….

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