“I had a reading from Andrea and was blown away by its accuracy and depth. … scary good. If you want to learn your soul journey, this reading is amazing….but if you would rather stay comfy in your habitual patterns this is going to ruin your routine. While Andrea works with a lot of compassion . . . [her] huge heart makes the reading feel nonjudgmental.”
-Don H.

“Andrea is an amazingly gifted intuitive. She provided insights that were dead on . . . Her energy, compassion, and knowledge have to be experienced. She will change your life, and provide you with just the right guidance at the right time. Be prepared for a deep dive into your soul history, and the tools to effect real change in your life!”

“Andrea’s gifts and insights were shared in a very caring, calm, soulful manner. The way she organized and presented the information was clear, helpful, and really resonated with me. Andrea’s open heart, integrity, and passion are so apparent. I appreciate her guidance with setting an intention after the reading to help the lessons really sink in.”

-Tina W.

“The reading was really wonderful and very affirming. Only two days into my prayer, so much is changing so fast. I love all the action!”

-Eyren M.

“I had no idea what to expect. Andrea’s preparation, depth of detail and relaxed confidence were amazing. Her blend of unique spiritual gifts and a rigorous, traditional and highly disciplined background infuse her readings with credibility and purpose. She opened up my eyes to new thought patterns that have made an immediate and positive impact on my life.”

Wanted to let you know I was having shivers/chills while we were on our call today. That *flash* of goosebumps I get sometimes when I’m working spiritually. . . whatever happened today has had a major effect! . . . I cannot wait to work with you on a steady basis!”

“I had an Akashic Reading with Andrea on New Years Eve Day. I’ve been struggling to clear a pattern that has been impacting my ability to move forward and thrive. What better time to address it than on the cusp of a new year! The information she brought forth was incredibly accurate and helpful. Identifying what specific areas that were holding me back as well as creating a new energetic path to lead me toward my goal. I saw results in just two days and they continue to get stronger! I look forward to taking additional classes and mentored programs with Andrea.”

What they’re saying about KNOWING . . .

“Andrea, I just want to share how great this has been so far . . . The Angels & Spirit guides, excellent just excellent, had goose bumps the entire time as I listen to it. Wonderful exercises in the dose of magic at the end is very helpful, simply loving every bit of it. Thank you so much for this amazing course. It has helped in so many ways.”
-Denise M.

“I started working on some of the material you’ve provided in this course and had real experiences with angels.”
-E. Berry


“You could tell Andrea is passionate about what she does. She herself has done extensive research on the stories, facts and legends that she shares. You can say she is an expert in the paranormal.” -TripAdvisor

“This is not your typical touristy walking tour This knowledgeable tour-guide takes you off the beaten path and shares the diverse mysteries, legends, and mystical tales that don’t always get told about this great city. I learned quite a few stories that I hadn’t heard of anywhere else – and I’ve lived here for over a decade!” -TripAdvisor

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