Meet Andrea

Mediumship, psychic readings and wildly imaginative stories of ghosts, witches, voodoo, vampires, and monsters – anything supernatural – are my life’s loves and passion. But I had a roundabout way of arriving where I am today.

I was first a ballerina.  Tired of starving myself to fit into too-small costumes, I attended College of Charleston and obtained a degree in Gothic literature.  I’m a Dracula geek through and through and braved several weeks with howling wolves in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania tracing the footsteps of the fictional Count and Vlad the Impaler.

I also have a life-long history of people and animals dropping in to visit after they’ve passed on from this Earth.  This is not something I admitted out loud as I went to law school at the University of Chicago, then made my way up the ranks of a national law firm.  Back then, I ignored my uninvited guests and hoped they’d go away.

They didn’t.

During my decade at the law firm, I assisted trial lawyers turn complex business cases into stories of gut-level emotional truths.

But what was my truth? What did I really want?

What I wanted seemed . . . weird. I wanted to tell stories about ghosts and witches and vampires because I believe in magic. I believe we’re all magical. And I don’t mean in an illusory way. I mean in a real world, practical way.

I wanted to talk with other people about their paranormal experiences. Discarnate souls visited me all the time, and I became obsessed with developing my own intuitive power.Yet, I initially responded by trying to suppress my strange calling.

Blocking my sensitivity and hiding spiritual visitations only increased my stress. My imagination suffered. I started getting debilitating, atypical migraines. My neck, shoulders and back hurt so terribly, I couldn’t tolerate to sit at my desk. But I could see no way out. I was afraid my colleagues would think I had gone off the deep end.

After waiting way too long, I left the practice of law. I started Charleston Haints and Hoodoo, through which I gave walking tours in Charleston, South Carolina, and told stories at private retreats and events.  There was always an element of what I called “ghost therapy,” where people shared and asked questions about their own experiences in a non-judgmental atmosphere, where they didn’t feel crazy.

Along the way, I found wonderful spiritual teachers and mentors, who were grounded and full of substance. I learned how to master my energetic sensitivity to others, and how to give readings that are specifically designed to connect you with the eternal spark of your own soul, and those of your loved ones – people and pets.

I’m proof that you can align your life with your truth, your magic and connect deeply with Love. It only requires a tiny dose of heart and COURAGE.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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