The pandemic is giving rise to a condition way more insidious than the virus: mild clinical depression.

This beastie needs acknowledgement.

Depression sneaks up on its prey one little breath at a time.

It comes on so slowly that many people have no idea they’re in the midst of it. Particularly now, as we’re adapting to some weird “new normal,” it seems that a lot of folks might be thinking the depression is normal.

It’s NOT.

Depression isn’t dramatic, so it’s not easily identifiable. Instead, it’s a slow shrinking to the middle, a quiet surrender to apathy, an overall sense of grey joylessness. Fewer physical activities, giving up on future plans, and allowing others to make decisions about your life, your thoughts, your feelings.

Giving voice to this in case this is you.

In the week immediately following my great blessing of a severe concussion, I experienced waves of horrible despair – fortunately, dramatic enough to get my attention.

And further since then, I’m seeing a lot of people around me suffering mild forms of depression, which is heartbreaking because anything relatively mild is easy to sweep under the rug.

If you find yourself in this spot, there’s no shame in it. Identify this beastie and reach out to someone who can help you through.

There is no quick answer, but I promise the best thing you can do is to pay your heart and mind and well-being a lot of attention.

Now is the time for acknowledging deep truths, especially if they’re ugly or amorphous.

If you’re going through a hard time, no matter how ugly and dark, reach out. If I can point you in the right direction, I will.

As always, book a reading here to connect with your own heart and soul.

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