March Happy Hour with Spirits!

Ready for a twist on happy hour with a different sort of spirit?

Join me for a spirited evening!

Where evidence meets the impossible . . . miracles and healing occur.  Here and Now.

I will demonstrate the craft of evidential mediumship and soul readings by connecting with passed loved ones and Spirit Guides to bring messages of healing, hope and clarity.

And meet your own guides!

This month’s event will also include a portion where I will discuss spirit guides, how to work with them and how to start your own relationship with them. Plus, you will have the opportunity to meet your own guides.

For the readings portion, I will provide as many connections and messages as time and energy allow.

Please know that not all attendees are guaranteed a personal reading during this event.  But the intention is for everyone to experience inspiration, peace and comfort from the spirit world, and a deep connection with your own heart and soul.

Curious about how a group event works?  Watch a short video here.

More details and purchase tickets here.

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