Celebrate Lion’s Gate!

Isn’t that a gorgeous pic?  Imagine all that delicious gloriousness pouring into your heart and soul.

That’s kinda what Lion’s Gate is all about.  Opening yourself to receive mind-blowing wonders and soul-shuddering beauty.

Join us on Saturday, August 7 at 11 AM ET in an online event to celebrate the Lion’s Gate!

What is Lion’s Gate?

Lion’s Gate occurs on and around the 8th day of the 8th month each year, when the sun is in the sign of the noble and courageous Leo, and Sirius is rising to align with Orion’s belt.

Our sun is the star responsible for giving light to our physical bodies.  Since ancient times, Sirius has been revered for lighting our souls.

From July 28 to August 12, with the peak on 8/8, this is a time of receiving – and wrestling right down to earth all that is spiritual and universal and seemingly too big and bold for safe human consumption. 

It can also be a period of uncomfortable but necessary growth, prompting us to transmute hurt feelings and lingering wounds into wisdom, acceptance and insight.

Event Skinny

Join Katy Valentine, Amy Renee, and Andrea St. Amand (a minister, a shaman and a medium) for a special workshop to honor ourselves and our spots on the earth at this time.

  • Learn more about the Lion’s Gate and the historical significance of this period throughout ancient cultures
  • Consider the practical application of how the stars affect our daily life  (hey, the moon controls the tides – we’re not immune to the pushes and pulls of the celestial bodies around us)
  • Honoring all the experiences we’ve lived through, we’ll invite in higher awareness and consciousness
  • Receive messages and group energy healing
  • Embark on a guided meditation
  • – and importantly, spend time with your precious soul and higher self.


Replay available for those who cannot make it live.

Reserve your spot here.

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