Featured in Redfin on creating sacred space for readings!

Nothing pleases me more than hearing clients gasp over my gorgeous, airy office space. Or seeing eyes widen when folks come into my home. I’m a stickler about intentionally curating sacred space that heals and inspires.

ALL of my training, however, has been geared toward giving an evidential reading any time, anywhere, regardless of circumstances and space.

In fact, I had to give a phone reading once while stuck on a bridge due to a traffic accident. With fire trucks, ambulances and cop cars screaming by. Hardly sacred space, but I did it.

I’ve also been trained to give readings without the use of cards, pendulums, crystal balls and other fancy tangible tools.

So I typically don’t use cards in readings with individual clients. (I do use them when I’m the hired psychic at large parties and need to read a ton of people or teenagers!)

That said, I own more tarot and oracle decks than I can count – and a crystal ball and a pendulum, for fun. I’m a big fan of pulling cards, particularly when we’re trying to read ourselves. I pull a card every morning for myself. And I’m adamant about doing so in a sacred space.

Check out this beautiful article on Redfin here, where I was asked to throw in my 2 cents on sacred spaces.

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