How to dream the impossible into life . . .

Posted: January 6, 2021 by Andrea St. Amand

Last year at this time, I had a wild, wild vision of a photo shoot.  It involved an abandoned building, and yours truly suspended over a two story drop.  Ahem.

The building was facing destruction.  So I became obsessed with bringing this photo shoot into existence.  Then, with a looming Covid-inspired shutdown, it literally became a now-or-never sort of thing.

The photo you see here represents a spirit.  The location is where I always encountered her – hovering in mid air, ethereal, yet consistently present.

Personally, I had also decided at the beginning of 2020 to make a return to my body. 

I’d spent the previous years studying mental mediumship exclusively.  I felt called to infuse some of that energy back into my muscles and bones.

What better way than to challenge myself to something extremely physical in the name of ghosts and art?  

As it turned out . . . it turned out.  (Phew.)

When I look back on the past few years of relentlessly pursuing my passions, I see that we can, indeed, get where we’re going.  Through the frustration, and the mountains of self-doubt.

Here’s how: 
Dream something absolutely impossible.
Dare to share with souls who have more experience than you.
Ask for their help.
Work like hell to make it happen.
Spend many sleepless nights visualizing.
Ask for more help.
Work like hell to make it happen.
Keep visualizing.
Show up.  
Then surrender to the moment.

If THAT recipe worked in 2020 of all times, then a merry time will be had in 2021.

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