Ever hang out with an angel?

Ever hang out with an Angel?  Felt the presence – or dreamed – of a mystical Being so powerful that your slumbering soul jolted upright?  Have you craved such an experience?  Or do you wonder if these Beings even exist?

Join our podcast launch team and find out!

Some friends and I started talking smack about angels and cultural icons like Mother Mary and Magdalene, to name a few. We pondered things like, do we believe in them? What use are they in today’s real world?

Then we decided to record ourselves. The result is a podcast!

It’s rolling out on July 5, and we need a launch team! If you’re interested in joining the launch team, click here to learn more and sign up!

Each episode features a mystical, angelic or historical Being as the Special Guest, to whom you may – or may not – feel drawn.

We discuss relevant scholarly text, address the aspects of our Guest that may be off-putting, offer channeled messages of guidance and conclude with a meditation inviting you to explore your own relationship with our Guest.

Be warned that we keep it real. No topic of human existence is too sacred to discuss. Each episode seeks to bring higher wisdom down to Earth, so we all embody our best selves here, now.

Amy Renee is a Shamanic practitioner. Katy is a Christian minister and metaphysical intuitive. And y’all should know by now that I’m an evidential psychic medium.

Buckle up and join us on this magical ride!

Join the launch team!

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